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  1. Stephanie Castellanos says:


    I am absolutely in LOVE with my new customized color and cut! THANK YOU! Not to mention my boyfriend loves my new hair just as much as I do. That is a great feeling. :)
    Your total honesty is simply amazing. Also, thank you for the hair tips and showing me how to take better care of my hair. I have your number on speed dial for my next visit. lol ;) You are GREAT at what you do girl! <3

  2. Candice Margarini says:

    I have not cut my hair in over a year due to my former trustee hairstylist getting chop happy and cutting my long hair to almost shoulder length. I had met this beautiful, sweet soul 6-7 years ago when she was my make-up artist for a shoot. She was amazing (and still is) at makeup and I had no idea she specialized in hair as well. I completely trust Karen and did not even glance up once to see how short she was cutting my hair. After I was done, it looked SOOOO HEALTHY AND AMAZING!!!! I was so impressed that she could get my hair to look that good with just a trim and re-doing my long layers. I have dyed my hair and it looked like almost virgin hair, haha! She’s VERY cautious and the way she cuts hair is different than others I have been to. She will ALWAYS be my go-to for my cuts and colors as long as I live in San Diego.. Thank you so much Karen for making time for me, for listening to my needs and for giving me EXACTLY what I wanted. I am genuinely happy with my cut and I would DEFINITELY recommend Karen for your make-up and hair needs <3

  3. Eliza says:

    Hi, sweetie. Thank you to share your website. And to add me as a friend. I know where to go and to reaper a friend what you do, I’m very proud of your talented Brian as a young lady of you.and a lot of dream in life.

  4. Alena says:

    I was fortunate enough to work with Karen on Samsung photoshot. She was fantastic!!! Her sense of style is simply phenomenal! I have never been so comfortable, nor have I ever felt so attractive at the same time. Karen was able to provide looks that fit my body type exactly and that I felt confident in.

    Thank you Karen for your styling expertise! If anyone is looking for a spectacular wardrobe consultant/stylist, she is by far the most skilled and prfoessional of them all.

  5. Tiffany says:

    You did an amazing job today, ill be your model anytime. You are an inspiration on me as a student coming into all of this. Thank you so much for taking time out and coming to our school.

  6. Mayra perez says:

    Hi Karen,
    Let me start by saying WOW wht a woman u truly are one of a kind ur very talented and inspire ppl I am glad I have the chance to get to know some one like u!! Ur beautiful inside and out I hope to hear more from u because it’s amazing what u do thanks for the recipe my family loved yor food!!! God bless!!!!

  7. Angelina says:

    OMG! Your work is AMAZING!!!

  8. Christine Santonil says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Karen! You did a fantastic job on my cut and color yesterday! I learned a lot more about my hair from you and had fun, which makes it an even greater experience! I also love how close you are to me! :)

  9. Carol Ayonon says:

    Karen, you did an amazing job last Friday for Arianna’s 18th birthday party. We received wonderful comments from our guests :) You are truly talented and very professional!!! We are so happy to have found you! Keep up the good work and more blessings to you!

  10. Arianna Ayonon says:

    Thank you soo much Karen! You have a talent for what you do. Thanks for sharing that talent with me by making me beautiful! Definitely can’t wait for the next time we meet!

  11. carlenne says:

    karen! thank you so much for doing reanne’s makeup this past saturday! thank you for taking her ideas into account – you made her feel so special! we so appreciate you and can’t wait to see you again! <3

  12. El Limon says:

    What can I say? You leave me speechless. Your the definition of perfect. Your body and soul are truely Beautiful. You have so many talents, from cooking to make up. By the way, I miss your cooking. I love you, Babe :)

  13. Arianne Mae says:

    Karen is phenomenal! She’s absolutely gifted and a true artist at that. Her work is absolutely amazing! Most definitely a go-to for me now for whenever I need hair or makeup done (:

    love ya Ate!

  14. Alyssa Dorsey says:

    KAREN! :)

    Well, where to start.. you are a very talented woman.. I mean dang, what do you NOT do?! lol.. You inspire me to work hard toward my dreams and goals in life. Just got my hair, makeup and pictures done by you a few days ago and everything came out WONDERFUL! BEAUTIFUL! and all the above! I am so in love with my pictures! The outfits you picked out went with my hair and makeup beautifully. I will DEFINITELY recommend you to anyone and everyone I know! You have true talent and you’re such a kind woman.. a role model to me! P.s. your enchiladas are AMAZING. Haha

  15. Jonabel Abrogena says:

    hi karen ! thank you for the haircut. i really love my hair. all i can say is that you are so talented. its God’s gift to you and i’m sure there will be a lot of girls who will feel more beautiful… me …lol… because of your special touch. once again tnx and God Bless!!!

  16. your son says:

    hi mom I’m at the apple store and i searched your nam and this came up on top whoop whoop congrats

  17. Vanessa Mae Samson says:

    I really like my hair, thank you so much!At first I was nervous about the haircut I wanted, because I thought it would look bad on me, but you made my hair look soooo much better.Also, I really like how you make a same hairstyle on a person, but you also make it a bit different to make the hairstyle fit a person.Well, yeah I really like my hair, thank you so much :) .

  18. Elbe says:

    Karen is one of talented hair stylist and make-up specialist I’ve ever met. She style’s hair perfectly to match the person’s face/bone structure. She makes anyone feel fabulous and confident with amazing outcome of her work. She offers great advice from head to toe. Keep up the good work and keep on shinning. Thanks for the amazing hair cut. I love it!!!

  19. Keashonna says:

    What can I say about Karen’s photography but ” unbelievably beautiful artistry”. Karen helped me transform the way I see myself. My time with her was more than just a photo shoot but the opportunity for me to redefine myself and move to a higher level of potential to attain my professional goals! Not to mention the pictures are flawless and professional and captured the perfect looks for me! Awesome work Karen. I can hardly wait for my next photo shoot with you. Thanks a million!!! I highly recommend Karen to anyone who is in need of a photographer of make up artist.

  20. Trina says:

    Love love love my new hair!!!!! As always you did an amazing job, you are so talented and I’m lucky that I get to have you do my hair and involve me in some of your projects. Love ya girl!!!!

  21. TRM Services & Notary Public says:

    Keep Shining Karen! I can’t wait to work with you and get inspired by your talents! My wedding is coming up in Hawaii and I hope that you are available for my event!

  22. Mishell says:

    Karen, you’re a beautiful person and artist! I love your site and am very proud of you… As always, AMAZING Job!
    I can’t wait for you to work your magic on my hair again:)

  23. Eileen says:

    I’ve always had faith in you.
    Always keep God in your plans and the sky will be the limit for you <3

    • Miran says:

      I LOVED LOVED LOVED this wedding, the deatil was so much fun to put together and you captured it all so beautifully! Looking forward to the next time we work together again.

  24. Jonna Quinn says:

    What can I say? I am sooooo proud of you. This looks like something for Nordstroms, Bloomingdale’s, Saks, you get the point. I knew you were a star when I met you. I hope anyone who gets the chance to work with you shares the same appreciation for your creativity as I do. If they don’t move on you are to great to deal with the small fries. I look forward to working with you and forever being your friend.

  25. Rachel says:

    Hi Karen!
    I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated you taking the time to come back to Marinello & share your story with us! You truly are amazing & incredibly inspiring, I look forward to talking with you & learning more about your journey. I don’t know if you realize this but you inspired a lot of people even a few of the guys ;) to go out and start making their dreams a reality!!!

  26. lenny gonzales says:

    Hey KK,
    Whats up girl just want wish you all te best in all you are doing very proud of you, keep doing it
    keep it real, you are true person and you have lots of love from alot people out here, keep showing true colors. you are true make up artist so keep it flowing it means alot to see people do appreciate
    your talent alot customer’s love your talent and challenges doing what you do best. So rememeber
    all good things who knows one day you be in hollywood doing it on set for some company!!! well KK
    just had to say it u know got much love for you
    Dj lenny-ge San Diego
    Blazin Nation West Coast work out Weekend

  27. Jenn says:

    I’ve always loved your passion!! Continue to do what makes you happy cause ur great at it! Love u bff!

  28. Megan says:

    Awesome! As always, love your work <3

  29. Anna says:

    Karen, you are truly an inspiration. Your passion shows through your work. I admire your accomplishments and want you to know that you do an amazing job. You enhance the beauty of people on the outside and they feel more beautiful in the inside. It’s the same as when they say happiness is the best medicine. I love what you do and I’m so proud of you!!

  30. Suzette (Ms Mo) says:

    I’am so proud of you! You had a vision and you went FOR IT!! You are a beautiful and talented young woman with so much passion for this industry, that I can’t wait to see your name on movie credits! I’m very proud to have been a part of your dream for cosmetology! Your website is so amazing! It really says alot of you and your creativity. DON’T STOP REACHING FOR THOSE STARS GIRL!! SHINE ON!!

  31. Sarah says:

    Karen, your website is awesome. The “About Me” page though dosen’t quite cover all your great attributes. You are such an amazing person and a great friend. Love you so much and will be by your side always…

  32. Rennel says:

    hi mom! i am so very proud of what your doing!!!! ill always love you and that will never ever change never stop and go alllllllll the way!!!!!!!!!!

    -love ren

  33. Charm Masiclat says:

    Great web page, Karen, and even better-AWESOME work! You are so talented and I’m extremely proud of you. I’d love to be a client from time time! XOXOXO <3<3<3

  34. mae joy says:

    i loved seeing all of your work in your gallery…you’re truly a natural at bringing out the beauty in people!

  35. Mrs. C says:

    Karen…I can’t say enough about your awesome talent and skills. This web site is off the chain!!!! You out did yourself–and to think–you’re just getting started. WOW!!!! The opportunities for you are absolutely endless. What a blessing and priviledge it has been for me to get to know you and get a first hand visual of what someone with your amazing abilities can do and become.

    Keep doing what you’re doing beautiful….YOU ARE HEADED FOR STARDOM!!!!!

  36. Jovita says:

    Karen, you are such an inspiration, I have always known what I love doing which is hair and makeup but I never even thought to think outside the box with the beauty industry. You have showed me so many different outlets in the industry that I am going in a completely different direction in my career.
    I’ve always known that I am an artist, and because of you I know that all things are possible, and It is ok to dream big. You told me “There are two different kinds of people, the ones who dream, and the ones who are living in their dream” and that will always stick with me. You are blessed with so much talent and precision with all you do. Thank you for being such a great role model and, I am so lucky to have a friend like you.

  37. Christine says:

    The website is absolutely fab!! Im inspired by you constantly. Your truely blessed with many talents, and im thankful to know such a soul. Keep shinning, the sky is the limit.
    P.S. Team US up…… whoa, watch out world!!!!!

  38. Marie De Vinney says:

    Beautiful work Karen! You were always into fashion and all that since we were young. I am very proud of you and how far you’ve come. Continue to follow your heart and may only God’s greatest blessings be up

  39. Alicia FOSTER! says:


  40. Angel says:

    Congrats I am so happy to see you where your at may the sun shine on you like it always dose.Never give up, like that’s in your vocab give up that is lol!!! Keep going love you girl…..

  41. carlenne says:

    great site k! very proud of you and all the great work you’re doing! see you next week for a haircut, yes?
    ;-D love ya!

  42. Lonnie Phath says:

    Hi Karen!

    You are truly inspirational, very talented and a go getter. You love what you do and I LOVE what you do. Your work is flawless and it truly is….-it shows. Your creativity can go beyond your imagination and you sure proved it. I won’t forget the day you did my hair and makeup with the whole hairnet thing. I thought it was different and daring. Thank you and I look forward to seeing more of your wonderfulx2 work….Thank you KDC! YEEEAHH!

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